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Lose Between 3 and 8kg In Just 28 Days, Sleep Better, Reduce Stress and Eliminate Cravings – All Without Expensive Potions and Pills!


Introducing the No Compromise 28-Day Detox Challenge

(Online & Offline Version)


Starting Monday 29th May Onwards

(Hurry – Registrations close Saturday 27th  May, Limited to 50 Entries Only)

stevewebsiteI’m Steve Jennings, Holistic Nutrition & Exercise Coach since 2004 and founder of No Compromise Fitness.

Did you know that sugar has been shown in recent studies to be MORE addictive than cocaine!  Yup, sugar is probably the worst “drug” on the market because it’s addictive, legal, and encouraged…plus, it’s in everything!

But, it’s not just sugar that’s the enemy…
Each and every day of our lives we are exposed to lifestyle stress and harmful toxins in our food and environment.  These come in the form of food additives, air pollution, plastics, skin “care” products, soaps, dry cleaning, and hundreds of others.

This stress and toxic overload can lead to a host of less than pleasant problems:

• Bloating
• Gas
• Constipation or Diarrhea
• Ulcers
• Difficulty Concentrating
• Stubborn Bodyfat
• Fatigue
• Fluid Retention
• Food Cravings
• Headaches
• Heartburn
• Joint Pain
• Muscle Aches
• Sinus Congestion
• Skin Rashes (acne, eczema)
• Sleep Problems (waking up tired, restless sleep)

More serious conditions that may benefit from a proper detox program include:

• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Allergies
• Autoimmune Dieseases
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Diabetes
• Fibromyalgia
• Food Allergies
• Heart Disease
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis)
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Menopausal Symptoms (mood swings, poor sleep, hot flushes)
• Menstrual Problems (PMS, heavy bleeding, cramps)
• Migraine Headaches

That’s a pretty long list of common issues that many of us use medication for. The good news is that you can follow a natural plan to reduce, and in many cases remove these issues for good. A food elimination program is an effective way forward for many people, and that’s what the Detox Challenge is: A food elimination program.

Toxins enter our body through the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, and the things we allow to touch our skin.  Oh yeah, and prescription drugs too.
Toxic Overload can disrupt the bodies ability to naturally fight off illness.  Reducing toxic overload and inflammation in the body can restore healthy functioning. This may also include toxic relationships and lifestyle stress (overtiredness, being busy all the time).

If You Want To Change Your Appearance And Bodyshape, Focus On Healing Your Internal Environment First. 

I personally followed this detox system and lost 4.5kg in just 21 days, my skin cleared up, and I woke up feeling refreshed and full of energy. I also found out what the foods were that affected my skin. For the past four years I have maintained habits that have helped me cope with stress, and boost natural immunity.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are just a few testimonials from the many who have triumphed in their personal quest for better health. *Note that these results were achieved in juts 21 days.

Suzy Lost Over 4kg In Just 21 Days!


This is a picture of me in my favourite before 2nd child shorts, pre 21 day detox and post 21 day detox.  My biggest motivation was Steve, for keeping things interesting and asking me “all the time” what I wanted to get from my sessions, and my boys and the fact that my “baby” is no longer an excuse.  I had no reason not to pull finger.  So I reset my thinking, “NO” a king size block of chocolate is not good breakfast food.  I want to keep up with my boys as they get older and faster, and not get left behind.  My metabolic age was “ancient”, my mid-drift was comfortable, pillow like comfy, and I didn’t have a muffin above my pants I had the whole cake, especially at the end of the day.  Because my energy levels were low, I reached for chocolate. I’d get bloated by the afternoon and was tired all the time. I went into the detox with the mindset, that if I ate properly and denied myself in pregnancy, which is a lot longer than 21 days I could do the detox.  Day 3-4 sucked, headaches, pimples (I’m over 40), but I got through that with the support of my family, the group and Steve, into week two I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t grumpy and pimples had gone, and my pants fitted the same at the end of the day as when I put them on in the morning.  I did give up alcohol, caffeine and chocolate, 5 days before the detox started, and I think this was definitely a good move, as it didn’t feel like I was making too many sacrifices all at once.  I like to think that this is now a positive lifestyle change for me. I feel better, sleep is great and currently have moved onto Paleo and when a bit more weight has gone I might try primal, time will tell. I can’t thank Steve enough.  Pure genius to come up with the group and having his wife on board giving advice along the way.

Cheers Suzy

Kate Lost Almost 6kg in Just 21 Days!


My problem was that I was travelling a lot and not eating well. I have had constant stomach bloating and have struggled to lose weight for a number of years. My first impression of the Detox was it was so simple. No food measurements or calorie counting which I hate because all you do is think about food all day. 
I loved the detox. It was so easy to follow, I felt great straight away and with all of the info Steve had provided it was easy to get going. I liked the fact that it was only 21 days – although I will carry on with most of it because I felt so much better. My friends all commented on how healthy I looked and how my skin was really radiant. My stomach felt better being off all of the grains and dairy too. Having introduced a few things back into my diet over the past two weeks since the detox I have found that they have made me quite sick or have significantly altered my mood, especially processed sugar and cheese. 
The best results were going on holiday and being able to fit a size 16 instead of the previous 18 I was. My waist has shrunk significantly and because I had such an amazing weight loss I feel so much better mentally as well as physically. I have broken a few weight barriers that have in the past seemed really impossible on diets. It was great to have the detox Facebook page to keep in touch with how everyone was going and seeing all of the recipes etc. so it felt like the group was in it together and you were not on your own. 
My stomach is the biggest thing that has improved. Apart from losing 6cms is that I no longer have bloating and reflux. My skin is much clearer and I feel much less stressed. My mind is a lot clearer and my energy levels are more stable. I 
don’t have big energy lows anymore and I have stopped craving chocolate and lollies all the time. I think this is a challenge that everyone should do to reset their system. It is simple and easy to do even if you are travelling a lot, being a mum at home, or just feeling a bit low on energy. 21 days is only three weeks and it could change you for good!

Fiona Lost 5.1kgs In 21 Days, And Has Gone To Lose 14Kg And Change Her Entire Bodyshape


Having returned to New Zealand with my family at the end of 2014, I have had a difficult and frustrating year. My family settled well, while the things I had planned to do didn’t work out. I started going to bootcamp in October 2015, having gained about 8kg over the year, and feeling stressed, frustrated and uncomfortable.

As I started to understand the connection between the stress I was experiencing, and the food I was eating, I realised I needed to do something about my eating habits. I started the detox in February, and although I wanted to lose weight, I have not looked at this as a diet or a quick fix, I have looked at it as a way to address unhealthy patterns in my life. Having completed the program, I have continued for another two weeks, as I want to carefully think about what my new ‘normal’ will be, and not to slip back into patterns that were unhelpful for me.

I could not have done the detox until I felt ready. Over the summer I decided to retrain, and now that I am in full-time study, a lot of the stress and frustration I was previously experiencing has gone. I know I would not have been able to manage the changes of the detox earlier.

Working from the list of things we could eat on the detox, I made a note of everything that I like, and that’s what I’ve created meals around. I did not want to feel like I was depriving myself, so I deliberately use my big plates for every meal, and make sure I fill the plate with food. It looks and feels like I have plenty to eat, I take my time and enjoy eating my meal. It has been easy to get loads of flavour into meals, and it still only takes me about 15-20 minutes to prep and cook most meals.

I was surprised to find I experienced nothing unpleasant in doing the detox. I had no cravings, no mood swings, I actually felt great! I have more energy each day, particularly in the afternoons, I feel comfortable and clear-headed, instead of bloated, tired and grumpy. My periods have come and gone without any cravings, cramps or mood swings that I’ve previously had. I used to experience reflux and heartburn, which I haven’t had since starting the detox. I feel healthier in general – I’ve had a bit of a cold, but haven’t felt sick with it, and I haven’t had any nasty headaches that I used to have regularly.

On the weight front, I lost 5.1kg in the 21 days, and I have continued to lose weight since. My clothes fit better and I feel more comfortable with myself.

If you’re ready to be honest with yourself about what’s going on in your life and the patterns and habits you have with food, then have a look at the detox, it might be just what you’re looking for.

My Brand New 28-Day Detox Challenge will give you the education, tools, and support you need:

  • 30 minute personal Coaching Call with me to establish your personal detox plan
  • 28-day detox meal plan that eliminates all the guesswork discover the right way to detox
  • Get an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan
  • 12 Online Facebook workouts that you can do at home (suitable for all fitness levels)
  • Learn how to transition to a long-term plan and still enjoy the foods you love
  • 21 delicious recipes that your family members will love
  • Grocery lists to make shopping quick & simple
  • Online private facebook support group to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback
  • 28 daily emails and accountability messages to keep you on track to your goal
    And a few other things we’re cooking up for you…

Click to register! (Registrations close Saturday 27th May, 50 Spots Only)

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The benefits you’ll receive when you do the 28-Day Detox Challenge are, in my opinion, are enough to get started:

  • Weight Loss
  • Better Digestion & Elimination
  • Decreased Chronic Illness Symptoms
  • Improved Concentration, Mental Focus & Clarity
  • Greater Mood and Sense of Internal Balance
  • More Energy & Feelings of Well-Being
  • Less Congestion & Fewer Allergy/Intolerance Symptoms
  • Reduced Fluid Retention & Joint Pain
  • Deep Restorative Sleep
  • Clearer Vibrant Skin
  • And an awareness of foods that you are sensitive to as an individual

Here’s How You Get Started:

1. Click HERE to Register
2. Book your one on one coaching call
3. Schedule Your Weigh-in (link to schedule will be provided upon registration)
4. Stick the to Plan
5. Rely on the Coaches and forum members for Support
6. Have Fun!

Join Us Today in the No Compromise Fitness Online 28-Day Detox Challenge and Take Control of Your Health & Weight Loss for Just $69.95 (Just $59.95 for No Compromise Customers)

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I personally can’t wait to get started on the No Compromise Fitness Online 28-Day Detox Challenge.  I’m especially excited to have you join me this year – we’re going to get amazing results together!  HURRY… The 28-Day Detox Challenge Registrations close April 14th.

The 28-Day Detox Challenge WILL help you lose weight, decrease body fat, look & feel amazing, and get healthier than ever. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn and what you can accomplish in just 28 short days. The only thing you have to lose by registering for the 28-Day Challenge is excess weight, unwanted inches, ugly body fat, and harmful toxins.  Your registration is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

On the flip side, you have so much to gain – weight loss, better digestion & elimination, decreased chronic illness symptoms, improved concentration, mental focus & clarity, greater mood and sense of internal balance, more energy & feelings of well-being, less congestion & fewer allergy symptoms, reduced fluid retention & joint pain, enhanced sleep, nicer skin, and the list goes on…


Yes! I want to lose stubborn inches off my waist, cleanse my body of toxins and reset my health with the No Compromise Fitness 28 Day Detox Challenge!

I understand I will receive all the coaching to help me achieve my goal and these supportive tools as well:

A 30 minute one on one coaching call
28 Day detox meal plan that eliminates all the guess work – no need for potions & pills
21 Delicious recipes that your family can enjoy too
Grocery lists to make shopping simple
Private online facebook support group to share ideas, and follow 12 facebook video workouts from the comfort of my own home
28 Daily tips delivered to your email to keep you motivated


moneyback guarantee

I also understand that No Compromise Fitness is providing a 100% money back guarantee. If I am not thrilled with my results I can ask for a full refund – no questions asked!

Just $69.95! (Just $59.95 for No Compromise Customers)

(Hurry! registrations close Saturday May 27th, Limited to 50 spots)

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You do not need expensive pills and potions on this detox system. We will show you how to cleanse your body naturally using REAL food to improve your lifestyle for the better.

The 28 Day Detox is just the start point – you will learn a better way to eat and keep the weight off and any unhealthy symptoms at bay for long after the detox is over and done with. Dedicate yourself to this program for the next 28 days and reap the rewards you deserve and come alive!