Do You Struggle To Fit In The Time For Exercise? Are You Lost And Not Sure Where To Start? Are You A Busy Mum Or Professional?


Learn These 3 Pillars and Lose up to 4kgs of stubborn bodyfat in the next month, in less than 60 minutes per week from the privacy of your own home with one of NZ’s most experienced online fitness coaches.

Steve Jennings Personal Coach since 2004 reveals the secrets of his brand new follow along online fitness coaching videos that reshape your entire body in less than 60 minutes per week….with minimal equipment and from the privacy of your own home or hotel room

As a business owner, husband and parent of young children, I know the importance of time efficiency. The need to look the best I can for my job, feel confident and manage stress. But I was finding that at times when I was super busy my exercise went out the door as family and business commitments took over. As our family and business grew, my free time became scarce. I could no longer exercise six times per week, one hour at a time like I used to. It just wasn’t doable anymore.

This meant I had to adjust my style of exercise – the type, the time I spent on exercise per session and the number of sessions per week.

I needed to be able to exercise with minimal equipment at a time that was suitable to me, for a shortened amount of time and at an intensity that was going to get me results….. in other words I needed to be smarter with my workout time….and guess what? I still get great results just as I did 10 years ago by training smarter, not harder or longer. I’m about to share these secrets with you, but before I do, you need to know why you need to take on board what I’m saying to you.

I Founded No Compromise Fitness in 2006. Some of my group classes have sold out for 6 years in a row, and my morning classes have sold out for 2 years running….I’ve run about 7000 group fitness classes – not including personal training sessions. I know what it takes to be successful in this industry: Personalised service, accountability, and Workout Variation at an affordable rate. This is how I retain 90% of my clients. I’ve worked with professional rugby players, marathon runners, successful businessmen & women and pregnant exercisers to name a few.

So when it comes to coaching people, I know what I’m talking about.

Now that you have an idea of my background, let me reveal the three pillars for busy people to build muscle, manage stress and boost cardio fitness all from  the comfort of your own home or hotel.

Pillar 1. Nutrition – Using Intelligent Bacteria to Help You Increase Energy, Satiety, Balance Moods And Burn Fat.

The “Calories in v Calories out” method of nutrition is Out. Old school. The ship has sailed. Nutrient density is the holy grail of anti-ageing and long-term health and well being. You either get on board, or you’re out of date.

Nutrient density implies that the amount of nutrients a food has will keep you satisfied, help you sleep deeply, reduce food related inflammation and keep fat off for longer. Your bowel movements should be frequent and therefore your weight and fat reduces each day. This is because as you feed the healthy bacteria in your gut, they multiply in numbers, digest food for you, and among other things influence the food you eat!

Foods that are energy dense such as a bag of lollies, or block of sugary chocolate are addictive in nature and do not satisfy you at all. They keep you coming back until you eat the entire packet or feel sick! These foods also tell your intelligent “bad” gut bacteria to STORE more calories and so your weight increases quickly.

In summary, my point is this –

the food you eat either tells your body to store fat or burn it, depending on which gut bacteria is dominant.

Feed the good bacteria with nutrient dense foods, manage stress, and you’ll never go hungry and maintain a strong immune system, mental healthy and body shape.

Pillar 2. Exercise – High Intensity Interval Training Is Great…..As Long As It’s For The Right Person.

A one size fits all approach to training is also a major problem. Most trainers just get on the wagon with what everyone else seems to be doing. “Just thrash them – that’s a good workout….”

But actually, it isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, high intensity training is great…..but not for people who are highly stressed or people that have muscular asymmetries (or imbalances). Highly stressed people don’t recover well, because they don’t sleep well. High intensity training increases stress and the need for recovery, so this can simply run a stressed person into the ground and burn them out, weakening their immune system and their body.

Someone who has muscular asymmetries is more prone to injury due to “movement incompetency” – this means that their movement is unbalanced between the left and right side of the body and postural imbalances create a system of weakness and tightness.

Now, throw someone with those two issues into a workout and its a recipe for disaster.

My job as a coach is to provide exercise alternatives and build you up slowly, adjusting the exercises and intensity to suit you as an INDIVIDUAL.

“Steve Jennings is one of the few Coaches in Tauranga that actually knows what he’s doing.” 

Local Physiotherapy owner (anonymous)

Pillar 3. Deep Restful Sleep.

Right now you’re thinking “well Duh….”

But sleeping is under coached in the gym/training industry. We all know that sleeping 8 hours per night when strength training is a must….but what if someone is not sleeping well because they are stressed? A lack of sleep puts your body into a state of stress (survival mode) and therefore holds onto bodyfat.

Deep restful sleep is your biggest weapon against unwanted fat. When you sleep well, your muscles will actually utilise fat as energy, you’ll grow muscle and recover from exercise better and have better moods.

On the other hand, poor sleep can disrupt cortisol levels (by putting your sleep cycle out of whack), and this means that your body will elevate blood sugar at night which can lead to fat gain, and the prevention of fat as energy.

So how do you shut cortisol off at night completely in order to get a deep sleep? Answer: Eat carbs at night.

Yes, I know: You were told that eating carbs after a certain time of the day would cause you to gain fat. But this is not true unless you are eating far too much in the first place or the wrong type of carbs.

Carbs have the biggest effect on cortisol, so if you want to get a good night sleep, balance your moods, gain muscle, reduce stress, boost the immune system and burn fat, then eating carbs at night is an essential tool in the battle to maintain your bodyshape.

So Why Am I Telling You My Coaching Secrets For Free?

There’s a simple reason why I want you to succeed. Word of mouth. When you are successful and people see what you have achieved, then you point to me as the source of your success. And this brings in more clients to me. It’s a win-win. The pillars themselves are not the secret – the way they are coached with accountability, and service is the key. So read on…you’re about to see how I have packaged this formula into an online service.


  • Exercise programs at your fingertips when you are ready and wherever you are and that also means private access to me as your personal coach, so you can get answers to problems quickly using your mobile device or PC.
  • New coaching sessions (including special challenge workouts) every week to keep things fresh, exciting and motivational so you stay on track for your personal goal
  • Rehabilitation consultations to do at home that focus on reducing niggly pain (like back pain for example) and that means saving $$$$ on physios
  • Mobility drills, core stability, endurance drills, cardio conditioning and power workouts that build lean muscle and improve performance so you can run/bike faster for longer, tone your arms and tummy, feel confident and sexy and protect your body against injury
  • Learn how to boost your post exercise metabolism for up to 48 hours and lose bodyfat without the need for expensive bulky equipment or supplements that hit you hard in the pocket, so you can keep your cash where it belongs – in the back pocket of your SKINNY jeans.


Just look at what people just like you are saying about my online coaching program

Allanah uses the online sessions as a way to balance her busy professional and family life.

“Life gets in the way sometimes, and when I cant get to my regular lunchtime class, I like to incorporate another session in the weekends at my leisure. The beauty of the online training is that you can do it anywhere you have WIFI. We were on our Christmas Holidays last year and I was still able to do the classes from the holiday batch, it was awesome.
I enjoy the variation Steve brings to the online classes and the ability to go back and repeat a particular session anytime I want too. I have a desk job and Steve has made me realise that sitting all day can have an adverse effect on posture and mobility and more recently we have learned about our posture & breathing, and how it can cause the body to think it’s in fight or flight response.
I think that anyone who suggests they don’t have time to exercise, cant get to the gym or is too shy or embarrassed to join a group training session should join the online training program, they can be done anywhere and at anytime of the day or night. Steve is very good at talking you through the moves for correct position and making sure you are aware of your limits.”




As Helen found out – this is perfect for busy mums.

“As a busy mum of three young kids I love the training, it’s my little slice of “me time”. Steve works closely to make sure you’re safe, injury free and keeping stress down. Now I’m a fitter, healthier mum who can easily keep up with her kids and the demands of a busy life…..and no need for childcare as I do the online fitness sessions while baby is asleep!”





The online format gives Seugnet the flexibility to fit workouts in when it suits her.

“I joined the online training program because with my busy lifestyle I often missed or skipped classes. With this program the classes are on hand and flexible for me to do as I can fit it in. I also did a detox challenge as part of the program I did as issues for me was feeling bloated and wanting to reduce some belly fat. The biggest obstacle for me was that the program requires self reliance and commitment, forcing me to make daily decisions and to be organised in advance.

Overall I have lost around 5 – 6 kg so far. I also feel clearer in my thinking. 

I would recommend this program to busy self starters!”


 Now I’ll be straight up with you – this is not for everyone….

This coaching program is designed especially for busy corporates who travel frequently and busy mums that find it harder to get out between the household duties. You do need some motivation to follow the program, and you do need to be on facebook. Some of you would feel that the cost is just too good to be true…too cheap. But with online training I have a worldwide audience I can capture for the same amount of work. So for me it just makes sense. If it’s a high value program for the level of investment then you are more likely to stick around for longer and client retention is where It works for me.

That being said – this is what I have lined up for you.

  • Three brand new facebook video fitness coaching sessions each week valued at $7.50 per session – that’s $90.00 of value added every month. 85% of the exercises are bodyweight only, so they are suitable for anyone anywhere.
  • Complete, unlimited access to the fitness program library – with over 100 exercise videos to choose from, you are never short of a workout whether its low impact, mobility, boxing or a high intensity sweat session.
  • Specialized rehabilitation videos for knee pain, back pain, and ankle issues that I use with my offline clients and will save you hundreds of dollars in physio sessions.
  • A high value monthly program that can be cancelled at anytime

But it gets even better…

I want to coach you to get to your goal, and give you the best start possible. So I’m going to add a live 15 minute one on one consultation with me valued at $20.00 for FREE. During the call I’m going to point you in the direction you need to go to get to your goals – nutrition, exercise, sleep, injury rehab, you name it.


As mentioned earlier, nutrition is one of the three pillars to success so I have a introductory nutrition guide to explain how to get your gut bacteria working for you and work smarter not harder. You’ll need some ideas for lunch, snacks and dinner options so you look as good as you feel when you get started, so I’ve taken the guess work out and given you a Sample nutrition plan and recipe book to give you some ideas. Valued at $19.95 FREE.


Just click the button below to get instant access!


PS – Normally it would cost you $15.00 to do just one of my offline group fitness classes…and for a 60 minute one on one session I charge $75.00 per session…but you won’t pay a fraction of that.

You are going to get complete access to my online facebook coaching sessions + bonuses from the privacy of your own home or hotel valued at $90.00 every month, for just $15.50 per month until you cancel.

At less than $4.00 per week you have nothing to lose. It’s a no-brainer. See you on the inside! Just click below: