Do You Need To Reduce Stress, Lose Weight And Get Strong Again?


Lose Up To 5 Kilos, Increase Energy And General Fitness AND Reshape Your Arms, Hips and Thighs In Just Six Weeks….Results Guaranteed!

Classes Run Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning at 9.15am

Starts March 5

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Are you tired of feeling fat, unfit and self conscious?

Are you struggling for motivation to get started?

Have you ever lost weight on a phony diet, only to put it all back on again?

Are you confused with all the conflicting advice that promises huge jumps in weight loss and general fitness?

Do you find it hard to find time to exercise?

Are you sick of wasting your money on gym memberships that do not deliver results and cost you lots of money?

stevewebsiteDon’t worry! You’re not alone. In fact I have personally had the same issues you are facing right now, and I have worked with hundreds of Women since 2004 helping them to solve the exact same problems you have. My name is Steve Jennings from No Compromise Fitness. A few years back I was working as a personal trainer in a local gym here in Tauranga. I had a bet with a work colleague to see who could gain the most muscle mass in six weeks. The nutritionist gave me a nutrition plan to gain weight and I began lifting weights to help me gain the extra muscle I was after. I had one major problem though. I couldn’t find time to exercise frequently enough to stop me gaining FAT. I was so busy training clients to get fit and lose fat that I often did not have time for my own training. Guess what happened at the weigh in six weeks later with my colleague? Yip. You guessed it. He won the bet hands down. In fact I had put on more fat than muscle! Of course I became the butt of many jokes amongst my colleagues and I was silently embarrassed. Now a FAT personal trainer is not very motivational and I knew I had to do something, so I set about devising a plan to restore my pride and my waistline. I started training three times per week and revised my nutrition entirely. I researched the best exercises and foods that burn the most calories, and things started to happen….faster than anything I had used before. The end result was nothing short of amazing. I lost 5 kilos in six weeks while maintaining my muscle mass in the process. Needless to say I was stoked! Now that I had achieved my results and had a proven system to work off, it was time to introduce it to the women in my fitness bootcamps. How Would You Feel if in the Next Six Weeks You….

  • Lost up to 5 kilos without going hungry or going on a fad diet
  • Could fit your clothes again
  • Reshaped your waist hips and thighs
  • Had endless energy, all day every day
  • Learned how to turn your body into a fat burning machine and keep that fat off
  • Got great results without joining fees or long term contracts
  • Had alternative fitness classes to choose from if you missed a class


I know this might sound unreal, but the system I have really works. And the reason it works is because the methods we use at our women’s fitness bootcamps are based on scientific proof. Not because I have something that nobody else on the earth knows about. So I can comfortably say that after Six Weeks of our Fitness Bootcamps in Tauranga You will:

  • Lose up to 5 Kilos in weight
  • Fit your clothes better
  • Improve core strength
  • Exercise with other ladies that have the same goals you do
  • Tone your waist, hips and thighs
  • Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine with our online nutrition consultation
  • Increase energy all day every day
  • Find out the number one food you absolutely must have for fat loss
  • Get access to all of our womens fitness bootcamp sessions each week in case you miss a session

*Results Guaranteed*

If you have not improved your general fitness, lost fat, toned up or gained lean muscle to reshape your body after completing two womens fitness bootcamp classes per week for six weeks, then I’ll refund your money. Every last cent.

And to make sure you go the distance, I have a couple of important bonuses for you.

    Bonus 1 – Online Nutrition Consultant
  • You’ll get a downloadable Nutrition booklet
  • Learn the number one food you must have to lose fat and keep it off
  • Find out what type of exercise raises your metabolism for 48 hours
  • Learn when you absolutely must eat during the day
  • How to lose weight while eating the same foods without going on a diet
  • What tips you must do to succeed with your nutrition
  • A simple tip to make sure you are drinking the correct amount of fluid

Normally $65.00 Yours FREE. Bonus 2 – Sample Nutrition Plan I have included my own nutrition plan that lead me to success. Just so you can get started as soon as possible and start getting the results I did when I lost those annoying 5 kilos in six weeks. Valued at $15.00, but it’s yours FREE.

Bonus 3 – Personal Nutrition Critique To make sure you’re on the right path, I will personally critique your daily nutrition plan. All you need to do is bring in your nutrition plan/diary to class, and I will check over it with you and make any necessary adjustments. Valued at $15.00, Yours FREE.

This is your chance

Six weeks of training, two to three times per week. FREE Online Nutrition Consultation, Sample Nutrition Plan and Personal Nutrition Critique worth $95.00. Total value is $255.00. All yours for just

$145.00 for Six Weeks

(or $24.17 per week)



(plus one off cost of $20 for wrist wraps, fulltime student rates available)

No Joining fees or No long term contracts

There’s a simple reason why I will do this for you. I want to build a long term relationship with you, like I have with my other customers. So if you want the results we have discussed above, then you must absolutely reserve your spot in our Womens Fitness Bootcamps in Tauranga. There are strictly 20 spaces limited per class so register now! Remember, we train on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9.15am. If those class times are suitable for you, fill out your details below and include any questions you might have. Once you have done that press the submit button and we’ll get in touch with you. Below is a map to show you where we train.

Only 20 spaces per class available! Less than 10 spots remaining!

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